How to choose the Best Boxing Gloves for Heavy Punching Bags


It’s not rocket science, but understanding your boxing glove requirements is necessary. You can practice boxing for fun or choose it as a serious sport. In any scenario, you need the right kind of boxing gloves to practice.

The best heavy bag gloves are constructed for heavy punching. You invest hours practicing with such gloves,which is why high-impact withstanding capacity is important in these gloves. Along with that, you need durable quality material to train regularly. You will be abusing the material of your gloves on a daily basis. Hence, durability is a must-have quality.

Similarly, there are several other factors you should think about to choose the best gloves for bag work.

Let’s discuss them all!

  1. Ensure molded padding

You don’t want your hands to get injured during those practice sessions, especially if you are preparing for a match. Hence, molded padding is important in punching gloves. Padding allows your hands to stay protected every time you repeat a punch. The impact of a blow eases due to quality padding. So, you can increase your strength without injuring your hands. The same padding also helps you avoid unnecessary pain after a practice session.

You can even look for gloves that contain a special padding to cover the knuckle areas. This further increases the shield and allows a natural feel when punching. Your hands get to feel the punching bag, but the knuckles stay protected from injuries.

  1. Durable material

As mentioned before, you will be using boxing gloves on a daily basis. So, you need a durable material in the exterior of the glove. Material options in the market are vinyl and leather. Between the two, leather is given more importance in terms of durability and protection. Vinyl is generally utilized for boxing cardio. Smart users choose leather material for heavy punching.

  1. The correct size

In terms of sizes, gloves are showcased in oz. or ounce. Commonly, you can easily find sizes from 8 oz to 16 oz. However, all the sizes come in even numbers such as 8, 10, 12, and so on. A glove’s weight and its size are connected to each other.

For more padding, you need to choose bigger gloves. It would be wise to wear and use gloves before choosing the right size and weight for yourself.

  1. Loop or lace

Laces used to be the only choice ages ago in boxing gloves. However, this has changed with loop Velcro option. Wearing and removing gloves get easier with Velcro loops. Many users still prefer laces to obtain more security and tightness. But laces can become a problem when you are training. Velcro loop allows you to easily tighten and lose the grip quickly as you please. This makes training convenient.

Now, you have all the critical factors to choose the best gloves for punching heavy bag. Go find the best gloves for your practice requirements. Check their sizes, material, padding, and ease of use. This way, you can choose the best gloves for your needs.

Train smart to reach your maximum strength!

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