Illuminating The Road Ahead With Extreme LED Light Bars

For the emergency lighting in vehicles belonging to cops or government officials, ambulances, fire engines, and highway patrol cars, a light bar is often used for this purpose.

To suit the varying needs of every emergency vehicle, LED emergency light bars to come in many different forms. There are different size options too which are available.

Effectively being used to communicate to the public and alerting them, they can have a number of different blinking patterns configured into them.

In almost every kind of emergency vehicles, light bars that are of small size can be used.

When they are permitted to use only when they are responding to an emergency situation as the emergency response vehicles of the volunteers of emergency response team can only carry small light bars.

If it is configured to help regulate the traffic better when required, larger LED light bar can also double up as a traffic adviser.

During the rough weather, some can even act as stand-by traffic signals when the traffic breaks down. On the roads, they have discernible arrows indicating the exact direction which is to be followed.

Including blue, green, white, amber and red, they can have a number of colors integrated into them.

To take a diversion from a high traffic zone due to road work, or emergency situation these lights are often seen directing the traffic.

LED light bars – The Light Features

Being of different colors, the midsized LED light bars can contain up to four strobe lights. The light bars are more effective and more visible when they are blinking combining the two colors.

Red and blue strobe lights blinking on the light bar demanding the right way on the roads is the most common color combination which we usually see on the cop cars.

Except for the mini light bars, they are usually mounted on the roofs of the vehicles and are not very portable.

For the added visibility in all directions, they can also be used to mount on the rear of the vehicles. To the vehicles, larger light bars are usually fixed permanently.

LED bulbs have made light bars very light, and easy to handle, which makes them most used emergency lighting systems these days.

Through a single switch, light bars can be activated. Between many blinking options which can be configured into a single LED light bar which makes it easy to operate, there will be a switch to toggle between many blinking options.

From the batteries of the cars, the light bars can draw their power. Charging them is never a fuss as they are wired directly to the electric circuit of the vehicle.

In every circumstance, this makes it very dependable. Whether the vehicle is small or big, light bars are a must.

When there is a requirement of it in emergency zones, some light bars can also be used as additional light sources. It is of the supreme quality as buying the light bar from a licensed dealer guarantees the same.

Choosing the most versatile one is a common practice when it comes to choosing the emergency lighting system for emergency vehicles.

To suit the varying needs of every emergency vehicle, LED emergency lights to come in different forms and variants.

The different variants

As a result of their modules of LEDs in multiple colors alternating flashes, the light bars are usually distinguishable.

These bars with LED array assemblies are used during parties in nightclubs to add to the glitz of the whole occasion given their attraction quotient.

Ensuring that there is flexibility with respect to where they can be mounted in the van, the light bars are usually dash mounted and come with mounting brackets.

Making them extremely durable in harsh weather conditions, these economically priced bars of glowing light have a casing that is heat, moisture and corrosion resistant.

Between 12-24 V, a light bar uses the LED. To avoid short-circuiting or external fusing which can lead to disastrous circumstances, their construction is secured enough.

They can withstand bad weather conditions, especially excessive rain with the wiring of these light bars and the control box which is also quite robust. The optics system which is designed to ensure that there is satisfactory off-angle ability is one of the interesting features of the LED emergency lighting system.

In some cases for 360-degree visibility, simulated rotation patterns are used. In case of stealth vans when the lights are switched off, the simulated rotation patterns are used. When the lights are switched off, the clear lens is ideal. To alter the flash patterns, there is a toggle switch which is usually provided with these light bars.

Being extremely efficient, a modern light bar usually comes with generation III LED technology. On requirement, arrays containing a dozen LEDs are assembled together.

With lower power consumption, take down the lights and alley lights which are both available. Some light bar colors can also be customized for added effects although red, amber, and blue are the common colors.

To ensure that one can easily mount them at any angle in any position very easily, cord, mounting brackets and hardware are made along with the manual.

Just about anywhere to assist the general public, sometimes the light bars are also used as directional traffic lights.

They can be made extremely powerful in some cases, especially when used as a fog light or in dark and rough terrains; the intensity of light from the light bars is easily controllable.

Offering lights to a range of vehicles

To drive the vehicles which are carrying those LED light bars offer safety to those which drive these? Using these light bars, law enforcement officers are the most obvious ones. While picking up a stranded vehicle tow truck drivers are very vulnerable.

These vehicles will break down at the worst places possible most of the times. For anyone along a major freeway can be a major hazard.

To work in a safer manner is what the light bars allow the tow truck drivers to work on. While the driver is getting the car hooked up, they provide a visual signal to the oncoming traffic.

When the tow trucks are moving slower than the traffic which is around it, it also provides a visual signal.


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