The best after school service that every mom wants for her child

There is always a reason to worry when you are looking for a service to take care of your child. After school programs can take care of your child and allow you the much needed peace of mind while you are still away. These programs are designed carefully so that children feel safe and spend their time in a secure environment in constructive pursuits.  

Why Should Portland after School Programs be your choice?

Our services are designed to offer you a dependable solution and so we keep the core of your concern closest to our heart.The safety and the care of your child is the most important thing for us and we make sure your child is comfortable and at ease through the time they are with us.

What we do?

After School Care Portland safely carries children from their schools to our facility which have the best learning programs made to meet every child’s needs. Children are given the care they need after they come back from school. After spending long hours in the school, they can relax, play and learn, and also take their food on time as it is only obvious that would be hungry after school hours.

At our state-of-the-art facility, children can find their happy moments with our care providers, who understand that kids, too, need to unwind. The Licensed After School Program Portland makes it a point that children complete their homework and offers assistance in completing the tasks assigned by their schools.

Our service includes:

Full pick-up service from school

While you are busy with your work, we reach your child’s school on time and pick them up. We ensure they are in good state and at ease, and drive your child to our facility. We maintain strict schedule to keep the trust you put on us.

Supervised snack and break time

Yes, children do feel hungry and tired. As caregivers with years of experience on our side, Portland after School Programs understands that children need rest, despite of their high energy levels. After they are at our facility, we help them to have their meal. If your child is too young, our caregivers make it a point that they eat their meal by assisting them according to their age and support needed.

Homework assistance

Well, homework is something which parents are often burdened with and working parents find it even more difficult to deal with. After School Program Portland takes care of this so that once at home children can spend quality time with their parents. We ensure all the children complete their homework as required by their teachers, leaving you with zero worries about your child’s homework.

Writing and math practice

Most children need extra attention for math. Licensed After School Program Portland

Has trained teachers who can not only help solve the problems, but also ensure that your child develops clear concept on every topic of math. We also keep a dedicated slot for the children to improve their handwriting under the supervision of our trained teachers.

Extracurricular activities

We have a host of options to choose for your child. We encourage children to take up some activity apart from their syllabus, which goes a long way in improving their personality and confidence.

Enquire today to get the best after school service for your child for as little as $27.

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