What are the Most Important Chapters for JEE Mains?

JEE Main 2019 January session is around the corner and more than half of you must be looking for the most important chapters for JEE Main Exam. The JEE Main i.e. Preliminary round for admission to best engineering colleges includes two papers- Paper-I for candidates seeking UG Engineering courses whereas Paper-II is for candidates seeking UG Architecture course. With roughly 40 days left, it’s high time you start focusing on the important chapters in JEE Main 2019.

For aspirants preparing for Class 12th Board exams at the same time, it is recommended to complete the theory and numerical of all chapters. Next, they shall target the most important topics to avoid overburdening of the syllabus. On the other hand, the droppers can begin revising the notes of important chapters and start solving related questions from previous year JEE Main question papers and sample papers.

List of JEE Main Important Chapters

Although your focus should be to cover all the chapters mentioned in the JEE Main Syllabus 2019, you can still prefer to study these important chapters if you have less time. Refer to the list of JEE Main important chapters below:


  1. The list of chapters have been prepared by an educational expert based on his experience in last few attempts at JEE Main examination.
  2. You are advised not to completely rely on the given topics rather you can focus on important topics in last 30 days of revision.
Name of Subject JEE Main Important Topics Number of Expected Questions Weightage in JEE Main
Physics Dimensional Analysis 1-3 12
Gravitation 3-4 16
Electrostatics 4 16
Current Electricity 3 12
Electromagnetic Induction 2-3 12
Waves & Sound 3 12
Optics 2 8
Heat & Thermodynamics 4 16
Kinetic Theory of Gases 2 8
Chemistry Chemical Bonding & the Periodic Table 4-5 20
Organic Compounds containing Oxygen 3 12
Chemistry of Environment and Everyday Life 2 8
Redox Reactions 2 8
Mole Concept 1 4
Solutions 2 8
Thermochemistry & the Second Law of Thermodynamics 2 8
Equilibrium 4 16
Mathematics Coordinate Geometry 3 12
Differential Calculus 7 28
Integral Calculus 4 16
Matrix & Determinants 2 8
Trigonometry 2 8
Probability 2 8

Subject-wise Analysis of JEE Main 2019

JEE Main examination, unlike JEE Advanced puts more emphasis on testing your basics over in-depth knowledge about the subject. With subject-wise analysis of each subject, you can expect a high score in JEE Main Result.  

JEE Main Physics Chapters

Undoubtedly, Physics is the trickiest section among all three but can be tackled with smart preparation strategy. The Physics syllabus is categorised into 6 sections which is mentioned below:

Name of Section No. of Questions Marks
Electrodynamics 8 32
Mechanics 8 32
Modern Physics 5 20
Heat & Thermodynamics 4 16
SHM & Waves 3 12
Optics 2 8

Tips to Prepare for Physics in JEE Main: Last 40 Days

  1. Revise Daily: Start doing the revision of topics you have covered so far.
  2. Study for 2.5 hours daily (For Droppers only): Devote at least 2.5 hours daily to this subject. Spend time reviewing the notes and solving questions from previous year questions and mock tests.
  3. Avoid studying new topic one week before exam: Do not start any fresh topic one week before the exam. Save the last week for complete revision and working on your weak areas.
  4. Try to cover large parts of syllabus: Strive to complete the large part of the physics syllabus in order to enhance your chances of 100+ score.

JEE Main Chemistry Chapters

When it comes to most scoring section, every JEE aspirant thinks of Chemistry. Why not! You are only asked straightforward questions which are easy to answer. Believe it or not if you are well-versed with NCERT topics, you will be hardly left with anything to study.

Name of Section Topics No. of Questions Marks
Organic Chemistry Basic Principles of Organic Chemistry 1 4
Hydrocarbons and their substituents 2 8
Organic Compounds containing Oxygen 2 8
Organic Compounds Containing Nitrogen 1 4
Biomolecules & Polymers 1 4
Chemistry of Environment and Everyday Life 2 8
Physical Chemistry Mole Concept & Stoichiometry 1 4
Atomic Structure
States of Matter & Solutions 2 8
Thermodynamics & Thermochemistry 1 4
Equilibrium 4 16
Redox Reactions and Electrochemistry 2 8
Chemical Kinetics and Nuclear Chemistry 1 4
Surface Chemistry
Inorganic Chemical Bonding & Molecular Structure 3 12
Classification of Elements and Periodicity in Properties
Hydrogen and S-Block Elements 1 4
p-Block Elements 2 8
d & f Block Elements 1 4
Coordination Compounds 2 8
Practical Chemistry

Tips to Prepare for Chemistry in JEE Main: Last 40 Days

  • NCERT is your saviour: Studying chemistry from NCERT books helps you strengthen your basics. It is more than sufficient for completing the whole syllabus of Inorganic Chemistry.
  • Write the conversions, equations & derivations: The only way to grasp the conversions, equations & derivations is to write them. Writing them down makes you accurate and confident. Plus you don’t forget them in long run!
  • Study for at least 2.5 hours a day (For Droppers only): Chemistry is an easy subject but that doesn’t mean you give it less time.


JEE Main Math Chapters

Do you think you are great at mathematics? Think again! It is often seen that candidates take it easy while studying mathematics. Such overconfidence see them struggling with tricky questions in JEE Main. Only consistency can help you score high on this subject.

Name of Chapter No. of Questions Marks
Sets, Relations & Functions 8 32
Trigonometric Identities 8 32
Solutions of Triangles & Heights and Distances 5 20
Complex Numbers & Quadratic Equations 4 16
P & C 3 12
Binomial theorem 2 8
Straight Lines, Circles & Conic Sections 4 16
Limits & Differentiation 1 4
Mathematical Reasoning 1 4
Statistics 1 4
Matrices & Determinants 3 12
Continuity & Differentiability 1 4
Applications of Differentiation 1 4
Integration & its Applications 3 12
3D Geometry 2 8
Vectors 1 4
Probability 1 4

Tips to Prepare for Math in JEE Main: Last 40 Days

    1. Focus more on Sets, Relations & Functions & Trigonometry: As per the last year questions papers, it has been found that these topics were the most favorite of the conducting authority.
    2. The slowest you can solve a question is 1 min 30 seconds: Keep a check on your speed while solving the questions. The slowest you can solve a question is in 1 minute 30 seconds!
  • Do not solve similar type of questions: Practice variety of questions in order to build up your concept.

If you have less time left for the preparation, then you can follow the preparation tips and study only the important JEE Main chapters. Otherwise, you are advised to cover the whole JEE Main syllabus for better performance.  

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