Why No Rooms for Unmarried Couples? Time to Re-think and be Progressive

Why do we really say we are modern when the moral police of India is shunning away unmarried couples from hotel room booking? It’s a pity that even world is progressing, somehow mindset of many in the society is on the regressive.

Why the Bar? Is there a Law?

In India there is no such law that prohibits a romantic couple to share a room just because they have not tied the knot. Strange indeed that majority hotels in India say big NO when unmarried partners seek online room booking. But few Indian hotels are couple-friendly, like Stay Uncle hotels which welcomes couple irrespective of their marital status. Now few hotels, which once restricted entry, are now opening doors to such people. Hope everyone becomes open-minded and allow the entry of unmarried couples to hotel accommodations in India.

Real Picture and Sorry State of Affairs

When Akshara landed up to an upscale Delhi hotel with her boyfriend Nikhil for a night stay at hotel, she was blatantly rejected. This is what she vented out at a public forum to state her harassment:

“I was amazed that even though there is no law prohibiting unmarried couple’s stay in hotels, why the hell were we denied? Are we criminals? Why tag us only with illegal and illicit affairs? Better not call India modern.”

There are many such instances where the romantic couple has been harassed. Hemant had made online booking for two days stay at a hotel in South India during his Kerala vacation with Brazilian girlfriend Stella. But he too had to face rejection. The very next day he took it up to the media:

“Is there any kind of rule? Is marriage a kind of passport? Why such an attitude? I was thoroughly frustrated and disappointed with the hotel manager with his attitude and behavior. He said that I should have checked the couple policy before online room booking. On top of that, when I claimed for a refund settlement he refused it, saying this will be considered as a case of cancelled booking.”

Group of students ventured out for a weekend trip to Agra and this is what one of the student said to the local new channel:

“We were denied hotel booking because we were college-goers and unmarried? Why such couple policies? Man, it’s time we get rid of the marriage taboo for hotel booking”

Why the Picture is Grim? What Hotel Owners Think?

The owners of many Indian hotels shun away romantic couple on the pretext of illegal sexual conduct and sudden police raid and interrogation. There’s a fear factor that works behind rejections. Couples are denied entry because hotel authority fear prostitution racket within the premise. They fear to be judged by the moral police which can ruin hotel reputation.

Make Room for Couples – Time to Shun Social Taboo

Get rid of the social stigma which considers live-in or outside matrimony relationships unacceptable.

Choose couple-friendly Indian hotels where you can get a safe and secure stay minus any sort of unnecessary harassment. You can get instant access to Stay Uncle hotels with their sophisticated online room booking.  You have the whole liberty to enjoy private moments with partners during your stay at such hotels, without being frightened of police interventions and trips to jail and fine impositions.

It’s no shame and no harm to stay with the one you love in a hotel of your choice – no law can deny you this right. It’s your personal life and staying together (above the age of 18) comes as your fundamental right.

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